08 July 2012

Cleanup crew arrived.

Ordered some snails from Reefcleaners.org and they arrived two days ago.  They were acclimated by simply floating bags in the DT water to acclimate temperatires for 20 minutes than placed in the tank.  Reefcleaners does not suggest doing a water exchange drip before introduction, just the thermal acclimation.  The new additions were:

66 dwarf cerith snails
24 nassarius snails
20 florida cerith snails
30 nerite snails.

After two days they seem to be moving all over the tank.  A number of the dwarf cerith seem immobile ner where they were placed on the sand and so may be dead.  Nitrate has also moved up to 5 ppm from near zero so some may have perished.  We'll see what the week brings as far as nitrate and skimming.

The work I did on the skimmer was very helpful as well.  For the first time it filled the skimmate tank in only 4 days!  I'll cut back the make-up air to get finer bubbles and see whether it is possible to dry the foam out a bit.  I'm hoping a week of good skimming will help bing down some of the nitrate levels.

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